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Pitching With Confidence

Pitching With Confidence

A pitcher must be confident when ever he takes the field and gets up on the mound to pitch. If he has the mind set of "I hope they don't hit me hard today" or "my arm doesn't feel good today", he will be unsuccessful.

On the other hand if the pitcher is thinking "I'm going to throw these guys everything I've got and if they hit it, they hit it" and he is not making any excuses, then he will be successful.

A pitcher needs to have this confidence because if the other team sees that they are breaking him down, they will just tear into him and keeping breaking him down. On the other hand if a pitcher keeps up his confidence (even when things aren't going well), the hitters are like "man, when is this guy gonna give up".

That is all you can ever ask for. Respect from your opponents. Because once they respect your confidence, they have to respect your pitches. Meaning they can't sit on a fastball in a fastball count because you are a confident pitcher and you are confident in throwing your off speed for a strike in any count.

Although confidence is a necessity in the game of baseball and pitching, when you are off the field you should be aware of where you stand on the line of cocky and confident. Even in real life, off the field, it is great to be confident in whatever you do, but you cannot go over board and start being cocky because people don't like that. Be confident, but conduct yourself like a professional and go get those hitters by pitching with confidence.