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Bullpens - Sidelines

Bullpens - Sidelines

You should be nice and warmed up before you get on the mound to throw a bullpen. You should have already stretched your whole body and thrown on flat ground to get your arm going. Once you get up on the mound you should start by making a plan with your catcher.

Depending on your role for the team and how recently you have thrown or are going to throw will determine how much to throw. The average bullpen session for an in season bullpen is around 20 - 30 pitches. If you have just thrown or are going to throw you can cut that back a little bit.

With these 20 - 30 pitches you want to be focused and try to hit all of your spots. You will throw all of your pitches a couple of times to get the feel for them. Torwards the end of the bullpen, after you have worked on all of your pitches, you may throw to a ghost batter. This will let you work on mixing up some pitches and act like you are throwing in a game.

Your catcher should keep a count here as well as the total number of pitches you have thrown during the bullpen. Remember that when you are throwing a bullpen you are practicing for the up coming game. You should take it very seriously and focus on each pitch.

Everytime you are up on the mound you get to work on your release point at where it will be during the game. That is why bullpens are so important. Although flat ground work is good to keep your arm in shape and warmed up, nothing can beat a bullpen when it comes to game like practice.

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