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What are the Odds of Playing College Baseball

What are the Odds of Going on to Play College Baseball?

1 of every 10 high school baseball players will go on to play college baseball at some level. Whether it be D1, D2, D3, NAIA, or JUCO. That means if you are a high school baseball player, you have a 10% chance of playing college baseball.

You can look at this a few ways. You can assume that out of a team of 20 high school baseball players, two of them will play in college. This is not necessarily true though. Some high school baseball programs are better than others and may have several of their players go on to play in college while others may have none.

If you are a high school baseball player worrying about going to play in college, good! It is almost a necessity today for students to go to college. Why not play a game you love while you're there. Maybe even a more impressive fact is that it is not always the best high school baseball players who go on to play college baseball. Sometimes it is those who want it the most!

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