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The Odds Of Playing Professional Baseball

The Odds Of Playing Professional Baseball

1 of every 100 high school baseball players will go on to play affiliated professional baseball. That means if you are a high school baseball player, you have a 1% chance of playing affiliated professional baseball (which is for one of the Major League Organizations).

This isn't the odds of playing in the Big Leauges, it is for getting to any level of professional baseball. That means playing in the Big Leagues is significantly less than 1%. You can look at this a few ways.

You can assume that out of 5 teams with 20 high school baseball players on each, one player from one of the teams will play professional baseball. So this would probably be like one player out of all your local high schools will go pro. Obviously some areas are filled with more talent and bring more scouts, therefore there may be more of a chance in your area. Other areas may not be so lucky and may be overlooked.

Another way to look at it is to not worry about these numbers. If you think it is impossible, it will be impossible. If you focus on playing hard and getting better everyday, then you have a much better chance of playing professional baseball.