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How To Pimp A Home Run

How To Pimp A Home Run

Bottom of the 9th, two outs, game 7 of the world series, man on first, down by one. Here's the pitch. It's hit deep...way back...way back, it's gone!! The bat goes flying and the You Go Pro Baseball's win the game!

Everybody dreams of hitting a walk off home run when they are little. It is probably the most practiced part of the game when it comes to kids playing on their own. So we decided to help these young athletes learn the art of pimping the home run so that they can show up their friends at the opportune time.

Disclaimer: Do not try this in a real game. You may get thrown at or retaliated against some other way. But if it's just you and your friends, then feel free to let them know how far you just hit that ball!

The Touchdown: The touchdown is probably the most common form of pimping a homerun (especially a walk off). Once the baseball is hit you must throw the bat up and away at the same time the hands are going up as if to signal a touchdown in football. The hands should remain up for at least 3 or 4 steps just about the time the jog begins to occur is when the hands can come down. Usually followed by a short set of claps and some screaming profanities to yourself (or to your friends if you really wanna be a jerk). Don't forget to jump on home plate when you get there!

Sheathing The Sword: This pimp is primarily known to the back yard baseball seen. When a home run is hit (crushed), the batter may take on a samuri like character and act like the bat is a sword. If the batter has enough adrenaline and is feeling austentatious enough, he may even put on a Kill Bill expo with his sword before sheathing it at his side. Some batters may attempt to carry to bat (sword) held at their side while they trot around the bases threatening the position players with karate chops while others will drop the bat after they sheath it. Either way this is a great way to chop up the opponents after punching the ball over the fence!

The Shotgun: Again, not a mainstream pimping tactic, but is known to the southern region of the states where shot guns are not only a necessity but a way of life (as is baseball). To accomplish pimping the homerun with the shotgun you must first hit a high long shot that stays up for days. Once you see the ball up, stand straight in the batter's box, turn the bat around backwards, and point the handle of the bat up at the baseball while taking aim as if the bat had sights on it. Don't forget to show a kick back when you pull the trigger. Usually one shot will be enough to damage your oppo