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Best Baseball Catching Drills

Catchers are the heart of the team. They are in every play of the game and have to manage the field for a victory. Catchers not only have to be able to catch, block, and throw out base runners, they also have to call pitches, keep pitchers calm, and prepare accordingly to different situations. Catchers have a lot to work on to be the best that they can be and by doing only the best baseball catching drills they can better their game.

Below are some of the best baseball catching drills to use for your baseball practice or just by yourself. These catching drills can (and are) done by pro baseball players, as well as the younger players too. Practice these baseball catching drills to get better at the skills associated with catching.

Best Baseball Catching Drills

#1 - The Quick Feet Catching Drill

Watch this super agile and tremendously good looking catcher (me) perform the Quick Feet Catching Drill. In this drill all you're doing is thinking about having quick feet and getting your hips turned all the way. It's especially hard when you stay low and turn to your weak side. Try to stay light on your feet and most importantly, be quick! Don't forget to add the blocking in to work on getting to the right position for a block.

#2 - The Omir Santos Soft Hands Catching Drill

In this catching drill watch MLB catcher Omir Santos perform a soft hands drill where he is catching racquet balls hit off of a tennis racquet with his bare hands. All he is trying to do in this catching drill is have very soft hands and receive the baseball instead of just catch it. This of the racquet balls as an egg. No matter what you think the balls are, this drill is super hard, but will make you a much better receiver if you can do it.

#3 - The Pirate Catching Drill

To perform the Pirate Catching Drill you can use your hand as MLB catcher Omir Santos does in this video, or you can get an eye patch and wear it like a pirate! The whole point of this drill is that you are working your dynamic vision in both eyes separately and can identify any insufficiencies while making them stronger as you do this drill. You can use the mini wiffle balls to perform this Pirate Drill.

Here are some other catching videos that I thought you might find helpful. They are not catching drills, but by watching them you can learn a thing or two about catching.

Jose Lobaton Throw Down to Second SOON

You can get your Team Defender Catchers Thumb Guard Glove here.

I hope that you liked these catching drill videos (and others). Please check back often as I am always adding new great catching drills to the list. If you have any ideas, please reply to my email after subscribing. I hope to talk to you soon!

Catching Drills

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