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How To Calculate How Fast You Throw A Baseball MPH

How To Calculate How Fast You Throw A Baseball without a Radar Gun

Here’s another math equation related to baseball. If you are looking to find out how fast you can throw in miles per hour (mph) but you don’t have a radar gun (or i-pad app), it’s ok. There is a simple equation that you can use and all you need is a stop watch.

First you will have to measure the distance you are throwing the baseball. Let’s say for example you are throwing off of a standard pitching mound and you are 60 feet 6 inches away from home. Next you will have to time your throw with a stop watch.

Let’s say you throw from the pitcher’s mound to home in .42 of a second. Now, since we have our distance and our time, we can use the equation to find the answer. The equation to find how fast you throw a baseball without using a radar gun is: Distance / Time = Speed Now since we are trying to calculate how fast we throw a baseball, we usually use mph.

Since we want our answer to be in mph we need to convert our distance and time to the relevant measurements. Since we aren’t really releasing the baseball at 60 ft 6 in I’m going to subtract 4.5 feet from our distance (an estimate of where we would release the baseball) Everyone is going to be different here. The most accurate thing would be to measure from the rubber to where you think you are releasing the baseball and subtract that distance from 60.5 ft. So, we will take our distance of 60.5 – 4.5 = 56 feet and convert it to miles. To do this we must take 56 / 5280 (5280 is the amount of feet in a mile). It comes out to 0.0106 miles. Next we have to convert our time into hours. So we are going to take .42 / 60 / 60 (60 seconds in a min and 60 min in an hour) = .000116 hours.

Now that we have our distance and time in the correct measurements, we can now find how fast a baseball is thrown in miles per hour (mph). Using the formula above D/T=S .0106 / .000116 = 91.379 mph So, to calculate how fast you throw a baseball in mph without using a radar gun, this is the formula you should use.

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