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How To Pop Up Slide in Baseball

How To Pop Up Slide

When attempting the pop up slide you want to be sure that you don't pop up too much off of the base (especially when the ball is near). This could lead to more unnecessary outs than anything else.

This slide can be dangerous if you don't do it properly. There is a risk for hurting your ankle, knee, and other parts of your lower body or leg so be careful when you are attempting the pop up slide.

There are two ways to pop up slide.

The first one we will call the heel pop up slide. This is when you are coming full speed into the base sliding feet first. To prevent yourself from over sliding the bag you can catch the base with your heel and use the leverage that the momentum will give you to pop yourself up (or pop up slide). The main thing to remember on this one is to come sliding in with your knee slightly bent but strong. This way you have a lesser chance of hyper extension and you will be strong enough to counter the momentum of the slide. You will use a lot of butt, hip, hamstring, and quad muscles when doing this pop up slide.

The second way to pop up slide we can call the bottom leg pop up slide. This is where you lift your lead leg over the base as you approach it and when your bottom leg hits the base you push up. The force of the base will help with the initial push and then you just straighten your bottom leg as to stand. You must be careful of this one because it is hard to master and if done improperly can result in injury.