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60 yard dash

60 Yard Dash Tip - Head Position and Arm Movement

Let's talk about the 60 yard dash and the head position and arm movement within the 60 yard dash. During the 60 yard dash, you want your head to be toward the finish line and down for most of the run. The arm movement in the 60 yard dash, you want to think about elbows in, elbows back, and then up to the side of your face.

If you focus on having good head position and arm movement when running the 60 yard dash you can dramatically decrease your 60 yard dash time. Just think about it, if your arms are out, moving side to side, the you are creating drag on your body, not to mention not going in a straight line. That's like driving a car with the doors open. Not very efficient!

Watch this video on the 60 yard dash tip about head position and arm movement:

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