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60 Yard Dash Tip - First Step Explosion

Let's talk about First Step Explosion in the 60 yard dash.  Probably the most important thing to running a faster 60 is having a good first step. You want your first step in the 60 yard dash to be explosive because that is where good times are made.

By starting in a good stance, the first step should be explosive and angled to maximize your success in the 60 yard dash. If your first step is slow and lacks that explosion, you are sure not to have a fast time in the 60 yard dash. Just think quick and explosive and create a good angle.

Watch this video on the 60 yard dash tip about first step explosion:

After you watch this video 60 yard dash tip on first step explosion, then you must watch this video next:

60 Yard Dash Tip - Head Position and Arm Movement

If you haven't watched the 60 yard dash tip video about the start or set up, then you need to watch that one first:

60 Yard Dash Tip - The Start and Set Up

With these new 60 yard dash tips that you are learning, you will be able to get a faster 60 yard dash time.  But if you really want to cut down your time in the 60 yard dash, you have to check out Faster 60 written by MLB Speed Trainer Andre Williams.

60 yard dash tips

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Faster 60 is the best technique guide to the 60 yard dash on the internet.  If you are a high school, college, or professional age baseball player and will be having some tryouts or show cases in the near future, then you MUST get Faster 60 so that the next time you run the 60 yard dash, it will be your best time!