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60 yard dash

60 Yard Dash Technique - Slow Motion

Running a good 60 yard dash is very important in baseball because it is the measuring tool that is used to determine if a player is fast. It is very important to get a good 60 yard dash time because college and professional scouts use these numbers to compare you to other players across the country.

With that being said, technique in the 60 yard dash is just as important as hitting or pitching technique. You can be faster or slower with good or bad 60 yard dash technique.

So, to help with your technique, I've uploaded this video of one of my players who can run a very fast 60 yard dash. In fact, I've had him on a hand timer as low as 6.2 seconds. What I did was put this video in slow motion so that you could see his running technique in the 60 yard dash.

Some important things I want to point out in this video. Look at his knee drive and angle. His body angle is great because he is creating force toward the finishing line. His knee drive is great because he is getting his knees up through and forward quickly.

Watch this video of a slow motion 60 yard dash technique and compare your running technique to it: