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5 day Pitching Rotation Workout Routine - 5 man rotation for Starting Pitchers

Here is a sample of a 5 day pitching rotation routine for starting pitchers. If you are on a 5 day or 5 man pitching rotation, then you are probably playing some kind of professional baseball.

Click here if you are looking for a 7 day pitching rotation routine (more typically for college pitchers and younger) or click here if you are looking for a Reliever’s Pitching Routine.

Please note: This is a sample 5 day pitching rotation routine. Every pitcher should develop their own routine and what feels good to them. Programs to follow, coaches telling you what to do, and training regiments are great, but at the end of the day it is you out there on the mound and it is your job to do what you know needs to be done in between starts. So, take it upon yourself to develop your own 5 man pitching rotation routine.

But if you need a little help getting started, here’s an idea of a 5 day pitching rotation workout routine for starting pitchers:

5 day pitching rotation workout routine for starting pitchers:


Pitch in the Game. Dominate Hitters!

Ice and take an anti inflammatory

Drink plenty of water

Days Rest 1:

Goal: Recovery

Today is a day to physically and mentally recover from your last start. The first thing to do is visit with the trainer and get a massage. Some trainers will perform e-stim and ultrasound on your arm shoulder and back as well. The increased blood flow to the arm, shoulder, and back, will help in recovery over the next few days.

Going on a jog, also known as a “flush run”, is also a good idea for this day. When you get a good jog in (20-30 mins) the day after pitching in a game, you will increase blood circulation and burn out any lactic acid that is built up in your arm, shoulder, or back. Going for a jog outdoors is also therapeutic for your mind and a good time to evaluate your performance of the previous start and come up with a plan for your next start.

For your throwing this day, just “playing catch” will be a good idea. Throwing long toss or hoping right back up on the mound may be too much for your arm to handle. Take it easy and just get the arm moving and play light catch. No more than 60 ft and no more than 50 throws.

Getting some shoulder work is a good idea on this day. After you have got your massage, e-stim, ultrasound, flush run, and throwing in, head over to the gym and pick up those 3 lb dumbbells. Click here to see some shoulder exercises to do with the light dumbbells. Going through a shoulder flush on the rubber bands may also be a good idea. Click here to see some shoulder exercises to do with the rubber bands. Another good shoulder workout is called table work. Click here to see some shoulder exercises to do as table work. The main idea is that you give your shoulder a light workout to continue your recovery and flush.

Continue to drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Tip: Broccoli is a natural anti inflammatory and also helps with soreness because of its alkalinity.

Day Rest 2

Goal: Continued Recovery

The second day of rest is a good day to get a good warm up in and a good stretch. Take your time warming up, get nice and loose/warm, and then stretch your entire body. Once you are nice and loose, start playing catch and then work into a long toss. Spend as much time as you need to back it up to the distance that you feel comfortable in. Use this day as a day to work on extension and stretching that lat out when throwing. Bring it back in close and get in a short flat ground.

After your long toss, take some time to work on PFPs (Pitchers Fielding Practice). Some PFPs are come backers, covering first, fielding bunts, etc.

For running today, work on short sprints with a quick first step and using leg drive to propel you to the finish line. 10-15 30 yard sprints is a good workout for your 2nd day of rest in your 5 day pitching rotation routine for starting pitchers.

In the gym today, focus on lower body. Some good exercises might be squats, lunges, dead lifts, RDLs, leg extensions, curls, and one leg stability exercises. Of course add some hip and core work to this workout.

Day Rest 3

Goal: Finding The Release Point

Today, after a good warm up, throw a bullpen. Your bullpen should be at about 85% effort focusing on release point and “finding” or “feeling” all of your pitches. Keep your workload to about 25-50% of what you threw the game before. Ex: If you threw 80 pitches in the game, today you would throw 20-40 pitches at 85% effort.

Do some PFPs

Follow your bullpen and PFPs with a flush run, time on the elliptical, treadmill, or bicycle (15-30 mins). Take a short break and then do some speed and agility footwork. Ex: Ladders, hurdles, quick feet drills, etc.

Today in the gym, work on upper body. Remember, pitchers should not lift too heavy with their upper body. Stay light and remember as a general rule to lift twice as much (reps) on your back as you do your front. Click here for some bench press alternatives for pitchers.

Day Rest 4

Goal: Be ready for Game tomorrow

After a nice long warm up, massage, e-stim, and ultrasound, get some light bands and light dumbbells in (very light) for your shoulders. You don’t want to be sore at all for tomorrows start.

For throwing today, just play catch or do a super light long toss. Follow this with some nice and easy PFPs.

In the gym, keep your workload light, and do a light plyometric workout with only bodyweight.

Before you go to bed, visualize a victory tomorrow. You have done all your work to be ready for the game. Go out there and shove it tomorrow!

Day 5 Game!

WIN! (Or at least have a quality start)

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