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No More 3rd to 1st Pick Off Move

Pitchers, why did they take the third to first pick off move away from us? Wait, you didn't know? Well, yes, they took the 3rd to first pick off move away. It is now considered a balk. That's right, no more third to first pick off move for right handed pitchers.

Hitters always get the advantage. They get to use pine tar, we don't. They get to wiggle as much as they want in the batter's box, we can't or we get a balk. They get to use bats different weights, lengths, and shapes, and we have to throw the same ball. So, why did they take the one thing we had over them, the 3rd to 1st pick off move?

As I understand it, not only will you get a balk if you do the old third to first pick off move, but also if you do the fake to third only as a right handed pitcher.

Check out this video where I talk about the 3rd to 1st pick off move:

So, what do you think? Should we be getting a balk for doing this pick of move or should they give us the 3rd to 1st move back?

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